Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mid April Dragons

finding a dragonfly is quite easy hear in Luxor Egypt the art is being patient. once you see a dragon lifting take two steps back more than not it will land back where it took off from as long as you do not make sudden moves it will stay for you to get quite close. damsels are the same but spotting them in the first place is the hard bit because they are so small. these too if you are slow in action will let you get within a few inches for taking macro. all of todays species have been taken with the canon zoom lens ef 100x400 mm , its a fantastic lens a bit pricey at £1400.00 but I find it so easy no changing lens for a distant shot or a near shot I do not need to get too close to the subject minimum distance is about 4ft as most of these shots where taken.

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Can you find it. no point in walking about in top gear when dragon hunting this one waited until I was right by it before it lifted and flew behind me some land up high in the trees and wait for me to go before it comes back on the ground .

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