Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More May dragons.

Again today i went off to shoot some bugs but came back with a completely different species . did not even see a bug. there must have been lots about because I saw 30+ whoopoe together. a flock of sparrows and crows. I have so much to catch up on now I am off for siesta then will try to catch up before the end of the day its 13.30, here in Egypt and 47c I will leave you with the dragons so pleased I waited by the canal I was waiting for the whoopoe's to come back . And its a wonder these even survived where I saw them with all the birds around.
then they moved to the fever tree and that was the end of the photo session

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  1. Here too the dragon flies are out if full force. I went to a marsh the other day and there were hundreds flying all around!