Sunday, June 13, 2010

dragons and damsels June 12th

There are over 30 species if dragonflies and damselflies on my future I will update when I see a new species or if I get a better photo of the ones I have already taken, best way to see what is on the blog is to go to the side bar and click on the months or year. in the month of June as the Nile waters recede there are hundreds if damselflies and black winged skimmer & red darter dragonflies, the damselflies are quite small maybe 1 1/2 inch in total length. and its almost impossible to get macro shot unless one is dead or maimed, that is not what my blogs are about, I harm none of the species if I can not get a good shot I try another day, my blogs include birds of which I have photos of 72 defferent species all the photos have been taken in and around the Luxor Egypt area, another one of my blogs is on bees, bugs & butterflies there is only 5 species of butterflies, hence the bugs and insects on wings. I try and get names for all the wildlife
it is a hard job as the only book I can get is on the birds, so help identification is much appreciated, My plant blog is doing quite well with id, thanks to Sap , Mary and others who put names to some of the photos they share. please enjoy my photos as much as I have had taking them, my main website is the name my egypt speaks for itself.

There were hundreds of damsels in the pools where the Nile is receding

Looks like a face from some sci-fi movie,

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  1. I love the pictures of your dragonflies, and damsel flies. You've capture so many different colors and species. Beautiful!