Wednesday, August 11, 2010

11/ 12 . August. 2010 dragons and damsels

on the base of this page I have an,Ant lion (family Myrmeleontidae)
it would be nice to be able to put a name to some if not all the 42 species I have on this blog.
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red tails the most common of the dragons,
This bright red dragonfly is widespread all over Egypt around small lakes and ponds. They like perching on and returning to particular twigs while hunting for their prey. Like all members of the Dragonfly family, they are predacious. The nymphs molt about twelve times and climb out of the water to undergo the last molt into the adult stage.

meal time


Ant lion (family Myrmeleontidae)

Adults are common desert residents, coming to lights at night. Species vary enormously in size, and there are some very large ones. The larvae of some species are well known because they dig circular pits with sloping sides in the sand to trap ants, which they knock down to their huge jaws by flicking sand at them.

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