Tuesday, November 10, 2009


These damsels are no more than 1/2" in length and are very hard to see, the only time I see one is when I stop to take a photo of something else, IE, a dragonfly.
Todays damsel photos are taken with the macro lens. that means about 3 or 4" from the subject
and needs a lot of patience to get just one picture, not only the lens is in the subjects face but my face behind the camera. its a great hobby teaches patience and that wild life is free anyone can catch a subject and photograph it. I do not harm any of my subjects it it flies away I just follow it, and if I can not get a close up I use the zoom lens, only problem with the zoom is even though most of my photos are with the 85-300 lens I have to be a minimum of 4ft away from the subject. My macro shot of the bird was because it had been injured or so I thought as soon as it wanted to go I let it free.
the next blog of the dragon in the web I could have saved the dragon but this is nature in the raw its always been like this, I only observe and take photos its my pleasure and pastime.

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