Sunday, November 1, 2009


Dragonflies and Damsels

Near my home in the East bank of Luxor
Most of the places I have seen these dragonflies Is being filled in, see my blog on Landfill and pollution of the Nile.

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then there are these beautifull dragonflies that are always around wherever there is water.

Answer too a posted question,
The aqua damsel fly is about 1" (25mm) long
and its a species that does not stay in one place for a photo as soon as you get 1" closer its gone, so the picture was taken from about 8ft.
the whole photo is as it was taken then the lower photo is a cut out of it.
and that is why the lower photo can not be enlarged when its clicked on.
Most of the bird photos have been taken from about 30ft any closer and they fly off, the bird photos are taken with a lot of patience some times waiting for up to 2 hours for the bird to get used to me being there . there are no hides here, some shots are taken on the move, stop get the lens in focus and shoot. by this time more than not its gone but sometimes i have been lucky or quick enough to get a shot like the one of the Lark.And Scrub Warbler ; scotocerca inquieta, just 2 lucky shots.
also with the damsel flies etc its just patience that gets a good shot.
the mantis was just luck it got blown onto my balcony and I took photos of it while it was recovering. go to my first blog


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  1. Oh this is such a great collection of dragonflies and damselflies!

    See my click of a Dragonfly